Golden Keyes Parsons
Thomas Nelson Publisher

I’ve always enjoyed historical novels, and In the Shadow of the Sun King did not disappoint. The book gave an intriguing glimpse of the complexity and danger of life in the French court, and the descriptions of Versailles made me want to plan a trip to France – now!

The book had plenty of action and the descriptions were captivating, but I thought the character development was a little weak. I like to end a book feeling like I know the characters, and sad that my journey with them is ending. This didn’t quite hit that mark. However, the characters were enjoyable, if not well fleshed out. There was enough adventure and suspense to keep me turning the pages even when my eyelids were drooping.

As I read the book, I was often left wondering if I would risk everything to live my faith openly in a culture that forbade it. We live in a country where it is easy to be a Christian and blend in with the world. Would I be willing to call myself something else and live my faith secretly if it would preserve my comfort and security? Would persecution strengthen my faith or destroy it? These questions all floated through the back of my mind as I read this novel.

The descriptions of life in that time were so interesting that I went online after finishing the book and did a little research about Louis XIV. What a fascinating period of history that was! In the Shadow of the Sun King was an enjoyable read with a generous dollop of history thrown in. I was left with a better understanding of the persecution of the Protestants in France and a desire to read more about that period in history.


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