The Unseen

The Unseen

T.L. Hines

Thomas Nelson Publisher.

Lucas lives apart from society – watching and only rarely participating in the life of the city. He moves through tunnels and buildings, unseen and unnoticed. He longs for connection and tries to find it through observing others. He makes up stories to go with their faces and tries to make their happiness his own. Lucas has learned how to be invisible in the most public of places.

One day he meets another watcher and is drawn into a world of violence and indifference. While it shocks and disgusts him, it also appeals to a part of him that he would rather not recognize. When he tries to intervene, he is pulled into a hall of mirrors where no one is what they seem and the world is uglier and more dangerous than he dreamed it could be.

Lucas finds himself both recruited and pursued. The people who should be trustworthy often turn out to be the most dangerous. The man who has spent his life disengaged from others, becomes the pivot point for plots and counter-plots that leave him running for his life. In the midst of the chaos and fear, he finds that he does indeed have one friend and that one friend is enough.

I expected to enjoy this book but ended up quite disappointed. I didn’t even get interested until a third of the way into the book. Although there was plenty of action, the plot seemed rather aimless. The end was surprisingly abrupt and I was left feeling that it was not quite finished. Character development was very weak and I never really did understand where the author was going with the story. While the basic idea of the book had promise, unfortunately the execution left much to be desired. I wish I could recommend this book, but I’m sorry to say that reading it felt like a waste of time.


One Response to “The Unseen”

  1. TL Hines Says:

    Hi, Becky – Sorry you didn’t connect with the book, but thanks for taking the time to read it.

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